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Javascript API

squircy2 embeds otto and supports ECMAScript 5, minus a regular expression incompatibility. Additionally, the following functions are available to interact with the various squIRCy2 modules:

Name Description
Irc.Join(channel) Joins the given channel
Irc.Part(channel) Parts the given channel
Irc.Privmsg(target, message) Messages target with message. Target can be a user or a channel
Irc.Action(target, message) Perform an action, equivalent to /me. Target can be a user or a channel
Irc.CurrentNick() Get the bot’s current nickname
Irc.Nick(newNick) Change the bot’s nickname
Irc.Raw(raw) Send a raw IRC command
Http.Get(url, ...headers) Fetch the given url using a GET HTTP request
Http.Post(url, body, ...headers) Fetch the given url using a POST HTTP request
Http.Send(options) Send an HTTP request with the configured options.
Math.Rand() Generate a random value from 0-1
Math.Round(val) Round val to 0 decimal places.
Config.OwnerNick() Get the configured Owner Nickname
Config.OwnerHost() Get the configured Owner Host
File.ReadAll(filename) Return the contents of filename. File API must be enabled.
bind(eventName, fnName) Add a handler of the given event type and function name
unbind(eventName, fnName) Removes a handler of the given type and function name
setTimeout(fnName, delay) Executes fnName after delay milliseconds
setInterval(fnName, delay) Executes fnName every delay milliseconds
use(coll) Opens and returns a repository for the given collection

Repository methods

These are methods available on a repository returned by use.

Method Description
repo.Fetch(id) Attempts to load and return an entity with the given id
repo.FetchAll() Returns a collection of all the entities in the repository
repo.Save(entity) Saves the given entity

File API

The File API is disabled by default. To enable the File API for your scripts, you need to set a root directory for any files loaded. You should set this to something other than /.


If you’re looking for IDE auto-completion for your squIRCy2 scripts, you can copy the squircy stubs file into your configured squIRCy2 scripts directory.

Event Handling

See the dedicated section for details.